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Additional Care Resources in ED

July 22, 2022

Western Health released a new procedure around Additional Care Resources (formally known as specialling) in June 2022 which is now in use.

This procedure aims to guide the clinical assessment and decision making processes around Additional Care Resources in order to support patients to remain independent, maximise their well-being and improve outcomes, while reducing the risk and incidence of deterioration or harm to themselves and others.

Impact of changes on ED

  • Better defined processes around requesting and approval of additional care resources
  • Staff working in Additional Care Resources roles are empowered,  via encouragement to be actively engaged in care of patient
  • More consistent language
  • More consistent review of need for additional care resources can help prompt escalation of any ongoing issues

Summary of key changes

Change Current procedure New Procedure
Terminology Specialling (behavioural or clinical) Additional Care Resources
Resourcing Assigned to condition or diagnosis Assigned for patient or staff safety
Handover Verbal handover Written – handover form
Approval process Inconsistent approval process

– inequitable access to resources

Consistency – equitable access to resources

NEW Additional Care Resources Handover and Patient Care Planning form


All Additional Care Resource Staff should receive a handover prior to starting their shift, and be given a copy of the paper handover form by the person providing handover.

The Additional Care Resource will actively engage in handover, and implementation of the patient care plan. This would usually involve filling in the handover form and discussing with the person providing handover.

Each shift, the need for an additional care resource will be reviewed by the NIC, and a new handover form should be completed.

When to request Additional Care Resources

There are three reasons you may need Additional Care Resources.

1. Patient Safety

  • discuss individual needs
  • complete risk assessments
  • encourage family and carers to get involved when appropriate
  • consider the need for appropriate referrals
  • ensure correct handover

2. Staffing Safety

  • assess other staffing resources in ED
  • identify what skill level is required

3. Operational Support

  • consider staff allocation according to patients’ needs
  • are there co-horting options to share the additional care?
  • are there other services that can provide you with assistance?

How to request an Additional Care Resource

Post approval, the additional care resource is requested via HEWS, or if a security guard is required, via directly request via the Security Supervisor, please email: 

Additional Care Resources will be reviewed and approved on a shift by shift basis.



Additional Care Resources PPG 

Westerly info page on Additional Care Resources

Welearn ‘Additional Care Resources at Western Health

The below flowchart outlines the process from assessment through to approval



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